College Achieve Central Charter School strives to ensure, in its special education program, that all students with disabilities have available to them a free appropriate public education (FAPE).

Quality Education for All

We believe that our students have learning differences, not learning disabilities. College Achieve Central Charter School realizes that the quality of a special education program for such children is achieved by having high expectations, rigor and access to the general education curriculum to the maximum extent possible.

Our Commitment

We are fully committed to individualizing instruction and supporting students in general education classes. General and special educators work together as a unified team to enhance their efforts and resources towards providing special learners with an equal education opportunity, while meeting their instructional needs. This is achieved through placing students in the least restrictive environment.

Related Services

Special Education Teacher

Our Special Ed Teachers provide educational and instructional experiences for scholars and may serve as the service coordinator. Special education services are provided through individual, small group, and large group instruction. Direct services may be provided in a separate room or the general education classroom.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Our Speech-Language Pathologist work with a child to help scholars develop communication skills. May work with a child in a small group setting, on an individual basis, or in the general education classroom.

Occupational Therapist

Our Occupational Therapist provides activities in the areas of perceptual fine motor, sensory motor, oral motor, and self-help skills.