CAPS prioritizes four initiatives, starting as early as kindergarten, to ensure that students are prepared to excel in college.

Character-Building Curriculum

We equip students with the social and emotional skills they need to fulfill their academic and life goals.
We engage students by helping them find their sense of purpose and providing them with the tools they need to fulfill that purpose. Social emotional skills are learned using Mindset Works, growth mindset for teachers and scholars. Critical thinking skills are embedded in our rigorous curriculum. We have a partnership with ThinkLaw that allows scholars to analyze real-life legal cases in grades 3-12 and fairy tales and nursery rhymes for grades K-2 to tap into their critical thinking skills. Through classes and electives that expose students to real world experiences, such as international travel, mock trials, community service and more, students experience the possible life and career paths they could take.


At CAPS, STEAM is not a separate course; it’s a core part of our education philosophy, and we dedicate more time to STEAM areas than the typical public school. Starting in kindergarten, students study science 5 hours per week, including labs where they run their own science experiments. Technology instruction is integrated into regular learning and also addressed with special coursework. Beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, high school students have an extra period each week for science labs as well as multiple technology course options. Art is an elective for students in most grades. Finally, all students up through grade 8 receive two periods of math instruction every day, with some grade 9 and 10 students receiving two periods as well.

AP Course Opportunities

AP Course Opportunities

Data shows that participation in Advanced Placement classes is correlated with higher college matriculation rates, higher GPAs in college, and higher college graduation rates. So that scholars are prepared for A.P. courses in high school, our curriculum is backward-mapped from college entrance all the way down to kindergarten. To high school scholars, we offer a range of A.P. courses to high school students in English, Math, Science, History, Spanish, Computer Science, and more.

The Toulmin Method

Our curriculum features the Toulmin College Writing Model, a foundational program used successfully for years by some of the most elite private schools in the nation. It challenges students to develop and defend their arguments through multiple rounds of review. This comprehensive critical thinking and writing model is applied to almost all core disciplines and will help ensure that CAPS scholars are prepared to write an “A” level paper in college.
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