Stay tuned for details of our Summer School plan!

The below was the plan for this spring, but we will update this page with the plan for summer school soon!

Grades K-2

Work packets will be distributed to the youngest of our scholars to complete at home. Packets will include core content to reinforce standards. Families will have access to teachers via email and Class DoJo. Also, lists of internet sources and activities will also be provided to families of students in this grade range. Parents are expected to email the teacher completed work or upload completed work to Class Dojo.

Grade 3

Grade 3 Instruction for students in grades 3 will be IXL Learning along with NJSLA support/practice and other assignments and activities that will support their learning.


Grades 4-10

Grades 4-10 Instruction for students in grades 4 -10 will be through Google Classroom. In order to accomplish this, all teachers and students will use their CACCS-issued devices. Google Classroom assignments will include chat, blogs, discussion forums, email, journaling, blogging, wikis, and web postings to support the standards being taught. Students are responsible for daily participation; teachers will engage in daily communication and grading. Students have 24 hours to submit assigned work. Students will receive two types of grades: a daily participation grade using a rubric rating of 1 to 4 points and grades measuring mastery at least 3 times per week. Teachers also will provide feedback to students and students may be asked to revise work.